Partition of Real Estate

If you are a Homeowner on Title, or on the deed of Real Property, and wish to "Buyout" or "Force Sale" of the Real Property – you can!

Partition of Real Estate is possible with the help of a knowledgeable Attorney at Consumer Litigation Law Center.

California homeowners have the right to divide their interest in Real Property and the Attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center will zealously file a lawsuit, respond to an already filed lawsuit, and represent you in court until the case is settled.

Client passing paperwork and red file folder to their Real Estate Attorney

Protect Your Property Rights

Whether you are a joint tenant or tenants in common and wish to file a Partition Action, you have the right to do so. The Attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center recommend that you do not do this by yourself because this process is COMPLEX. You need REAL EXPERTS in the law to represent you in court.

If you own an Inheritance Property that has more than one person on the Deed of Trust or Title, the law allows one person to act and file a Partition Action to divide the equity.

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