Tenants' Rights

If you are a tenant living in California that is being evicted or having issues with your Landlord, Consumer Litigation Law Center can help you.

Tenants' Rights

Representing Southern California Tenants Living in Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County.

Tenants Beware

The eviction process can be complex, fast paced, difficult to understand, stressful, and painful. The attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center will walk you through the process, and zealously represent you through this difficult time.

Tenants' Rights Law

The Landlord begins the "Eviction Process" by serving the Tenant with a three-day, thirty-day, sixty-day, or a ninety-day notice to terminate the lease. The Tenant must leave the premises in a timely manner and turn in the keys to the Landlord. If the Tenant fails to leave the premises within the noticed time period, the Landlord then will file an "Unlawful Detainer," also known as an "Eviction Summons" (court case trial). If your Landlord prevails against you, you may not only be liable for past due rent and other damages, you may have to also pay the Landlord's attorney's fees and court costs.

Warning! Tenant Lawsuit

IF a Tenant breaches the lease, the Landlord can file an Unlawful Detainer/Summons

IF a Tenant fails to pay rent, or is late on rent, the Landlord will first file a Three-Day Notice to Quit. If you do not pay the Landlord in a timely manner, the Landlord will file an Unlawful Detainer/Summons.

IF you have received multiple Three-Day Notice to Quit, the Landlord can possibly file an Unlawful Detainer/Summons

Retaliation by your Landlord can lead to a Wrongful Eviction.

If you weren't properly served, our attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center will file a Motion to Quash.


Let the Attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center Get Involved to Represent You

This process is very complicated and we suggest that you DO NOT do this on your own!

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